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Remote Medical Coding Jobs

remote medical coding jobs

Remote medical coding jobs are work-at-home opportunities for qualified professionals in the medical coding industry. Typically a medical coder starts out by working at a physician’s office where he or she is responsible for information supplied by the health care provider, and entering it into a data base. The coder also assigns codes to the data which allow it to be submitted to insurance companies for billing.

Being a coder is not an easy profession, and after completing your medical billing and coding certification you will be expected to have expertise in diverse areas such as medical terminology and medical procedures.

To find and secure employment as a remote medical coder is also difficult. It is advisable that a job seeker have in-office work experience first as a Certified Coding Specialist, before even trying to obtain a remote medical coding position of your very own.

How to Find Remote Medical Coding Jobs

After obtaining a coding credential (CPC or CCS) and gaining some experience working in an office, you may want to try medical coding remotely. So where should you start looking?

There are plenty of places to start looking including social media sites, professional networks like LinkedIn. You can even check your Google+ to see if there are any active groups you can network within. Some other things to consider include:

Internet Search Phrases

remote medical coding jobsAs mentioned, a great way to start searching for work in remote medical coding is online. To simplify this task, however, you will need to narrow down the phrase you are searching for in the search engine.

Try to use specific phrases such as medical coding jobs from home or similarly descriptive searches for job listings. Some phrases to try searching for are: “Remote Medical Coding Jobs” and “Independent Contractor Medical Coding Jobs”.

Word of Caution

You should be aware that there are some unscrupulous people out there that will promise you “fast easy cash working from home.” With some common sense, street smarts and a bit of investigation you can avoid falling in to one of these scams. You should check in to the background of the company with the Better Business Bureau or look for some online reviews.

There are legitimate remote medical coding jobs you can work from home and it can be a great way to make your living. Just remember the old adage if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just be smart about it and do your due diligence to make sure that any such offer is on the up and up.

Contact Companies

Another great way to search for possible remote medical coding jobs is to contact companies (on the phone or in-person) that are advertising job opportunities. You may want to ask directly if they have jobs available that can be done remotely. Surprisingly, many companies do not advertise that their jobs can be done remotely.

Attend AAPC Local Chapter Meetings

home medical coding businessesGood remote medical coding jobs are hard to find. Sometimes it comes down to who you know to get your foot in the door. AAPC is the nation’s largest training and credentialing organization for medical coding, billing, and auditing professionals. It is not uncommon for jobs to be discussed and for positions to get filled through personal networking at these functions. It is highly advisable that all new coders get involved in their local AAPC chapter.

Throughout your coding career you will find the organization to be helpful. Their website is another tool in helping with your job search. On the AAPC web site you can find a job or just work on your interviewing skills.

Turning a Remote Coding Job Into a Career

After obtaining a credential through medical coding courses and working for a couple of years, getting a remote coding job should not be very difficult. If you are clear on what you want, simply focus your internet search, contact companies, and get involved. You can earn a great salary and get the pleasure of working from home in a growing field.

One thing is certain; there will always be a need for medical coders. So just keep looking, and you’ll eventually find the remote medical coding jobs you want.

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