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Comparing Medical Billing and Coding Schools

medical billing and coding schools

Medical billing and coding schools are the perfect places to be get the proper training necessary to join one of the hottest and fastest growing professions in the healthcare sector. As you probably already know, there is a growing healthcare crisis in this country due to the lack of qualified personnel. You can make a difference by starting a rewarding career in healthcare by getting your training through an accredited billing and coding program.

Before you can start a career as a coder or biller, you must first get the proper training and education. You will want to find a school that helps you gain the correct skills but also a school that will help you with your long term career goals. In the following article will be looking at some of the best ways to help you find the right billing and coding programs.

Where to Find Medical Billing and Coding Schools

You should not have a hard time finding medical billing and coding schools in your area. You can find training at most community colleges, vocational schools and other institutions offering associate degree level education. If you can’t find any accredited institutions in your area, you can always look online for training programs specializing either in billing or coding.

What To Look For in a Program

When you start your search, you may wonder what you should really look for between all of these medical billing and coding schools that might make your short list. Here are some factors that you may want to consider when trying to pick out the right school for your education.

Accredited Programs

Probably one of the most important factors when looking to attend medical coding and billing schools is making sure that the training program meets the top standards and requirements. You want to avoid wasting time and money on training that may not help you reach your objectives and goals. The top two accrediting agencies you should be aware of are:

Reputable Programs

medical billing and coding schoolsSpend a bit of time and check the background of the billing and coding program you are interested in. Look for online reviews from former students about how well the training helped them. You might also want to check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that might make you wary of spending time and money at an institution.

Successful Track Record

You definitely want a school or program that will help you acquire the skills for success as a medical coder or biller. Find out what percentage of graduates passed the certification exams and or found work. Let’s face it, you want a program with a proven track record of providing students with the right type of training to succeed rather than a program that does not.


One of the first decisions you may have to make is whether or not you want to possibly move in order to go to the medical billing and coding schools you choose. For some people, moving or commuting a long distance is a non-starter. Plus, there is a possibility that you could just avoid this factor by enrolling in one of the online schools.


It shouldn’t go without saying but a reminder that you want to find the right medical billing and coding schools that fit within your budget. Post-secondary education (college) can be expensive and the costs keep rising every year. While you may have a lucrative career waiting for you when you complete your training, you shouldn’t dig yourself in to such a terrible debt before you even earn your first paycheck.

Degree or Diploma

One of the next choices you will make when looking towards enrolling in medical billing and coding schools is what level of commitment best fits your education and career goals. You may have a choice between a diploma (certificate) program and an Associate of Science degree. The choice really comes down to if you want to possibly advance in the healthcare field. Below you will find some the benefits that a diploma and an Associate of Science degree offer.

medical coding and billing degree v diploma

Other Factors To Consider

The following are other things you should consider when looking towards finding the right medical billing and coding schools that best fit you. While these may not be the big deal breakers as the other factors listed above may be, it still should be some things to look at before signing the dotted line.

Certification Exam Preparation

There is a certain advantage of having picking one of the medical billing and coding schools that has some form of certification examination preparation for their students, especially if you want to become a certified billing specialist or a certified coding specialist. Not only will this help you prepare properly for the exam but it should help you gain confidence necessary to walk in to the exam with the proper mindset. Plus, who doesn’t want a little expert help before taking such an important test?

Job Placement

Again, this is not a deal breaker if the schools you pick do not offer such a service, but it is a bonus if they do. While this will not guarantee you a job right out of school it doesn’t hurt to that little bit of an advantage over other qualified candidates seeking employment. If the program is well respected and has provided good workers, it might also be much easier to find a job with prospective employers who have confidence in their past dealings with the school.

As a service to our readers we have provided an up-to-date listing of top billing and coding schools. You can access this list by using the search function in the top right hand corner of this page. With the demand for coding and billing specialist projected to grow by 21% according to the over the next decade U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is a great career choice to consider. The time is right for you improve your earning potential and employability by enrolling in any of the accredited medical billing and coding schools found throughout the nation.

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